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If you are looking for unique and personal gifts for mum, then you are on the right website. We provide a massive range of jewellery at reasonable prices so that you can find the perfect gift that matches the character and personality for Mother's Day or just as a thanks for being special .

Jewellery is often hard to buy for mums unless you are spending an absolute fortune. With a more reasonable budget, it's hard to find a piece of jewellery that will be special enough to convey the love and gratitude you feel towards your mum.

At Otterly Yours, we understand this dilemma and so have put together a range of products and personalisation options that really make it easy to buy a special gift for your mum to cherish for years to come.

Laser engraved personalised jewellery

We use laser engraving to create unique jewellery pieces that really stand out. If you're looking to buy for your mother, then why not provide a special message or, even better, a portrait on a necklace or a ring with a message on the inside. Our range of personalisation options are sure to provide you with something you think your mum will adore.

Our laser engraving lasts because it engraves deeply. This means the jewellery you buy for your mum will be like new and personalised for many many years to come.

Imagine the joy on your mum's face as she picks up a necklace with a portrait of you and your family on it. Imagine how her heart will leap seeing that you've gone through the effort to personalise a piece of jewellery just for her. Personalised jewellery is a big advance on just giving flowers, it’s a lifetime gift.

Personalised rings for mum

There are different types of items that you can personalise on our website, including rings. Our personalised rings have different designs on them - from a solar system star to a New York skyline -, to attach to the inspired ring, or even lobsters.

If your mum is a floral type, then look for a sunflower or another of our floral-inspired designs. We also have Celtic and Anglo-Saxon designs, art deco and so much more. Broadly speaking our designs are split between location and cityscape, animal and nature designs.

Personalised rings with an inscription on the inside and you have a perfect gift.

Personalised necklaces

Our necklaces are extremely popular. We have a variety of designs from pendant rectangles to circular discs. You could add the portrait of a pet on a pendant, a portrait of grandkids, or you could just initial or add a special message.

Necklaces are a beautiful way to provide a personalised option that your mum can show off every time she wears it. The thought and love that went into deciding to create and purchase this item will be there for all to see when she wears it out.

Animal jewellery

We have a wide range of major focus jewellery available on our website. Everything from penguins to lions, deer silhouettes to galloping horses, birds to lobsters and even triceratops or diplodocus dinosaur engraved ring.

You could even get a portrait of a pet put onto one of our pieces of jewellery for your mum. If your mum loves nature then there's probably an option here that she will adore. One of our favourites is the butterfly-design-engraved pendant.

Locations and cityscape designs

We have jewellery that features the Eiffel Tower, the London skyline, the New York skyline and the Bangkok skyline. If your mum is a globetrotter then we have a piece of jewellery that may speak to her heart.

Our location-based jewellery range is always expanding as we bring new designs into the market. These are exciting pieces that are unique to us and are sure to create a positive reaction when you buy it as a gift.

Nature focused gifts

Our nature collection is characterised by unique, special designs such as our hand-drawn flowers and sunflower designs, lotus flowers and four-leaf clover. We even have a forest stream pendant with a beautiful design.

Our tree of life pendant is a particularly popular option with a beautiful design that stands out when worn. If your mum is one that is close to nature, then why not consider personalising one of our nature pendants and making a really special gif.

Our unique designs

Our unique designs really do capture the imagination and inspire the mind. With so many different options available you're sure to find something that will excite your mum. With more items being added to the range regularly, you can drop back any time to see what else we have available.

When you are personalising jewellery you are making it one-of-a-kind. Personalised jewellery can make your mum laugh, cry with joy, feel sentimental, reminisce, and beam with pride - sometimes all at the same time. The power of a personalised message that is engraved forever really is something to behold.

Why choose Otterly Yours?

Ottery Yours designs incredible, trendy, modern designs. Every piece has had a lot of thought going to it so that it adds value to the receiver every time they wear it.

Our jewellery is made from high-quality materials including sterling silver and is crafted with the utmost care and attention to ensure thorough detailing.

Our products represent extremely good value for money, diversity of products, and our laser engraving is always done with meticulous care and attention to ensure a beautiful finish.

A reliable jewellery company

We do business the right way. We strive to be speedy with our deliveries, perfect in the attention to detail we put into engraving and packaging and always provide the best possible customer service that we can.

Our customers are our lifeblood and we make sure that we try to provide the best possible experience every time someone clicks by. If you're looking for a company that can provide you with jewellery, not just today but into the future, then you've come to the right place.

We are always improving our range of products and looking for ways to solve the gifting problems of our customers in a better way. So why not buy a beautiful piece of jewellery at a reasonable price and make it yours by personalising it.