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Personalised Necklaces

Sophisticated, elegant, exclusive, personal.

At Otterly Yours Designs: We design personalised necklaces. Using only the highest quality of materials available, we create bespoke personalised jewellery using laser engraving to perfectly etch text and other motifs onto metal.

Laser engraving is a unique and personal way to express your individuality or commemorate a special occasion. Each design can be personalised with your own message, date, name or number, and the finished piece will make a stylish and thoughtful gift for all occasions.

Personalised Necklaces

A necklace is the best option to convey your feelings and emotions for your loved ones.

There are many design options available but a personalised necklace is the best because it brings along a message from the core of your heart and it will show more love than any other thing can.

What is a personalised necklace?

A personalised necklace is a piece of very unique and stylish jewellery that always catches the attention of any girl.

Imagine how nice it would feel to wear a pendant or an accessory on which your name is beautifully written in the sweetest manner.

This will surely enhance the beauty of the wearer’s personality. It can be made to contain any message, images, writing or other objects. It's a unique piece of jewellery specially designed to suit the owner's taste and preference. It is gorgeous because it brings along a message from the core of your heart and will show more love than any other thing can.

Getting a gift for your loved one is never easy, especially when you don’t have the time. Plus, your dear one may be picky and would definitely point out if the quality of the gift is not up to standards.

We are here to take away all worries by offering engraving lasers to personalise any jewellery piece of your choice. Your special someone will be touched by how much thought you put into it.



Our stylish Personalised Necklaces for her make a wonderful gift. There are classic choices such as our Personalised Love Heart Necklace, or the trendy Personalised Initial Necklace.

  • Mum
  • Wife
  • Girlfriend
  • Grandmum
  • Sister


  • Wedding necklaces
  • These personalised wedding necklaces will make a perfect special touch to a couple's big day. Made from high-quality materials, it will last and look great. This necklace comes with several other options, such as the colour of the engraving.

  • Valentine’s Day necklaces
  • Our personalised necklaces make the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Each necklace has a stylish heart pendant made from nickel-free silver and finished with a gleaming 18ct gold plate, and can be personalised with two names up to 12 characters long on a thick black leather cord.

  • Anniversary necklaces
  • We offer beautiful and unique Anniversary personalised necklaces for couples. You can engrave or personalise the anniversary couple necklaces with names, dates or words that you would like to have engraved on the couple necklaces. Our unique custom anniversary gifts are perfect for the special day.


  • Engraved Necklace
  • Let your loved ones know they are yours, this elegant necklace will do just that. Engraved necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewellery that can serve as one of the most memorable gifts.

  • Family Tree Necklace
  • Capture the love with a beautiful pendant that features a gorgeous assortment of birthstone-studded branches alongside a centre diamond-accented trunk.

  • Sterling Silver necklace
  • Sterling silver necklaces are the perfect accessory for matching outfits. They are made of pure sterling alloy. This silver necklace material is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper and nickel.

  • Initial necklace
  • This necklace is designed to be layered with the letter of your choice, in a simple Sterling Silver plated piece of jewellery with attention to detail. Made from high-quality sterling silver, this personalised initial necklace is a great present to give your loved ones. It will make a lovely gift for her.

  • Birthstones necklace
  • Express your love by gifting your dearest one this unique heart pendant with birthstones. This birthstone necklace is made with a choice of sterling silver or gold-filled chain and is embellished with a 14k gold-filled or sterling silver heart pendant. These make special gifts for mums and grandmas and all the special women in our lives.

  • Star Sign Engraved necklace
  • A perfect gift for yourself or someone special. This beautiful line of necklaces is totally customisable, you choose your initial, star sign, and length that best fits your style.

  • Bar necklace
  • Our lovely bar necklace features a dainty and unique piece of jewellery attached to a silver bar with an adjustable silver-toned chain. The necklace is very elegant, cute, and simple, perfect for everyday wear or as a gift.

  • Infinity necklace
  • This beautiful infinity necklace is full of earth-friendly detailing. Perfect for gifts or just your personal bling, you'll love the lightness and feel of this piece. Made with Swarovski Crystals, glass beads, Showcase the stunning tri-colour effects of these crystals with sunnies.

  • Gold disc necklace
  • Our high quality 20mm disc necklace is double-sided. The inner section of the necklace is made from a high-quality gold plate which is inset into the stainless steel outer disc. Its unique feature is an engraved disc that can be engraved with either a name or any message that you'd like.


    • Sterling Silver
    • Gold

        • Location
        • Nature
        • Animal

          • Choker necklace
          • Choker necklaces are very trendy and fashionable jewellery. They are also known as the necklace that fits right under the throat and close to the neck and have a wide range of styles and textures.

          • Beaded necklace
          • This is made up of multi-coloured glass, crystal and ceramic beads. We can make you one in your favourite colour, using the beads of your choice.

          • Adjustable chain
          • An adjustable chain necklace is a great personalised gift. Its adjustable chain necklace will allow your gift recipient to adjust the length of the necklace to their own desired fit. There are so many ways to style this classic chain necklace. You can wear it high or low on your neckline, you can flip the ends, or let them hang straight down.

          • Bib necklace
          • A bib necklace is a trendy style of necklace that is simple and durable. It consists of different layers of chain that covers the breast bone.

          • Altered art
          • Altered art necklaces are extremely versatile and unique pieces, with interesting shapes, layers and patterns. These pieces can be created to fit your style.

          • The Riviere
          • Riviere is a necklace with gemstones that sits around your neck. Its length comes in different sizes and materials.

          • Negligee necklace
          • A Negligee necklace is lovely, fun and affordable. It is an artistically crafted pendant on a choice of stylish gold plated chains. A great gift idea for someone you care about.

          • Charm design
          • This is an excellent gift choice for a loved one. Charm can represent just about anything and the idea behind a person choosing what they want on their necklace will be different for each person. A charm necklace is a piece of jewellery that is made from many separate parts all joined together and then strung on a chain


            Choosing a necklace can seem like an easy decision. After all, you have a favourite style, and you want to look good. But picking out a great necklace can be more difficult than it appears. Necklaces come in many different shapes and sizes, and you'll need to think about what style fits best.

            Here are some simple guidelines to help you pick out the perfect necklace:

          • Consider her taste
          • It is important to find out about her personality because jewellery is often an extension of her personality. Often a personalised necklace will have links that are either specific to that person or that have been made specifically for her.

          • Try something new
          • It's ideal to go for a design she has not worn before. Ensure that the design is suitable for her skin and that it seamlessly blends into her everyday style.

          • Aim for quality
          • Quality is really important when you're picking out necklaces for your loved one. Deciding on the right piece can be hard because there are so many options out there. Antique necklaces, new metal necklaces, eco-conscious necklaces are all types of jewellery that are stylish and made to last.

            But the best way to find the best quality is to go to a source like Otterly Yours designs, where you can find a variety of high-quality pieces created with an engraving laser and finely finished to perfection.

            Types of necklace chain

          • Cable chain
          • A cable chain is a very popular type of necklace chain. These are ball-shaped thin pieces of linked chains that are made in lengths from a single, short length to full-body encirclement.

          • Box chain
          • A box chain is a simple style of rectangular-link chain. The features of this chain are the simplicity and affordability.

          • Snake chain
          • This kind of chain is flexible and popularly used in necklaces and bracelets because it can be easily worn with other necklaces or bracelets. It also can accentuate the beauty of the necklace or bracelet.

          • Ball chain
          • Ball chains are made up of metal small balls linked together. It is the perfect option if you would like your necklace in a shorter length.

          • Byzantine chain
          • This type of necklace chain, with its multiple

            connecting links, gives this type of necklace a very solid look and feel. It is available in many different materials and finishes, so you are sure to find the one that suits your tastes.

          • Rope chain
          • A rope chain is a type of chain necklace that consists of an interwoven strand of metal. These types of chains are great for layering multiple pieces of jewellery and can be worn simply on its own.

          • Rolo chain
          • A Rolo chain is made of interlocking circles or links. The design allows multiple pendants or other small objects to be hung from the chain.

            Unadorned, strong and elegant, Rolo chains can be paired with charms or pendants to create your own unique look. They are timeless and classic for your loved one, therefore they’re the perfect gifts.

          • Diamond cut chain
          • The diamond-cut chain is famous for its sparkles. It reflects light and creates dramatic shine. It's also stronger than the stringing chain, which makes it an ideal chain for long necklaces.

          • Figaro necklace chain
          • The Figaro chain is an elegant and popular necklace chain that consists of smooth, rounded links that are perfect for display. This chain can be easily altered to match any pendant of your desire.

            Is a personalised necklace better?

            Personalised necklaces are a great fashion, it is all about combining different materials and threads to tell a story about who a person is. In the past, it was about picking out individual designs that would stand out from the crowd, but in today’s trend, there are so many options you can match to your style.

            These days even the most generic accessory can have a narrative to tell, from an everyday piece to a fashion statement. Personalising a necklace is a great way to give it a personal touch and feel.