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Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate your relationship and look back on all the memories you have created together. There is nothing like your very first anniversary, it is a time of pure joy!

It is tradition that on the first anniversary you give presents to each other, but we have made it easier for you with a list of jewellery that can also be personalised to make your anniversary gift more unique.

A personalised anniversary gift is a useful, thoughtful gift that captures the uniqueness of your relationship and is sure to always remind the one receiving the gift of how special they are to you.

What should you give as a wedding anniversary gift?

We always want to give the best gift to our loved ones on their special day. The question is whether we “Otterly” have the gift that we should give for a wedding anniversary.

For most of our married lives, we usually don’t bother too much about our wedding anniversary and just celebrate it with the regular greetings cards. But do you know that it is a very special day? It is the time when we have to remember that an important person in our life is all yours forever, and there’s no one else in the world for them. So, it is important to be thoughtful and give gifts that are eternal and forever.

The most traditional anniversary gift for a bride and groom is a set of original JEWELLERY. The jewellery should be an accurate representation of the love and passion between the two of you. At Otterly Yours, we offer a variety of elegant and timeless pieces that can be personalised with the couple's name or other special information.

We believe in giving special attention to every customer, whether we know them by name or not. Every detail is viewed and appreciated.

Each type of anniversary jewellery has its own place in the jewellery chain. When you choose an anniversary jewelry, we understand that your partner is receiving jewellery that reflects the years spent together. The value of each piece of jewellery depends on how much time and care it took to make.

Why Buy Custom Jewellery?

When deciding on custom jewellery, you want to ensure that the piece is of superior quality and fits properly. There are many factors to take into account when purchasing custom jewellery such as the manufacturer's guidelines, rules and regulations, as well as your personal style and preference. In addition, it's a good idea to research what previous customers have said about the item (good or bad).

Custom jewellery provides an opportunity to create something unique that is worthy of the person who wears it. Each piece of jewellery creates a memory and tells a story and always something unique.

When done well, custom jewellery can not only enhance your appearance but can also enhance your self-esteem. Custom jewellery does not have to be expensive. You can find inexpensive jewellery in our store and then add some sparkle with a special design or gold-tone metal.

What seems like a good deal at first can quickly turn into an amazing experience and we have good reason to believe that you will love your customised jewellery as much as we do.

Custom art is something you can visualise and become engrossed in providing the perfect before and after look for your cherished items. It’s also something that allows you to express your personality through art and individuality which is why we at Otterly Yours think that it’s important to help you choose the right piece.

What Is The Best Anniversary Gift For Him?

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your husband? An anniversary gift is always exciting and he is sure to love it!.

There are a lot of exciting anniversary gifts for men out there. But how do you decide which is the best? Is it the best overall gift? The best gift for the husband who wants to spend more time with his family?

Are you thinking about sending him an anniversary gift? Maybe it's a small thing that he'll enjoy. Or maybe it's something that could make a big difference in his life. The thing is, no one is ever really sure how much a gift means until they give it.

What Is The Best Anniversary Gift For Her?

The best anniversary gift for any woman is always a new outfit or accessory, which should also be something unique and fun. The key is to find something she will enjoy wearing and nothing too restricting either. A personalised silver necklace pendant or ring will sure always go with an outfit in her wardrobe.

This will reinforce your love and commitment. Whether you take her to a memorable event or invite her to a special evening with your closest friends or have a romantic dinner, the gift will make her remember that night for years to come.

What Do I Receive in Addition to My Custom Jewellery?

There are three different types of custom jewellery in addition to the standard stag jewellery. All of them come with additional perks that you will be able to choose from when we ship your order.

You will receive our personal attention and lots of caring attention. We are jewellery perfectionists and strive to provide you with a beautiful piece that will last along with your devotion and passion for jewellery!

Because our main goal is to provide you with the best jewellery product we can provide, we only use the highest quality materials such as Sterling Silver, Python Leather (Cordovan) and Polished Bronze. When you purchase from Otterly Yours, we are looking at the long term and short term benefits that come from working with you.

Every time you purchase from us, you are choosing to invest in something beautiful. When you receive your order, you may be surprised by the amount of thought and care that we have put into the piece you receive.

The more information you can collect about your purchase, the better chance you have at enjoying it even more. We want you to have as much fun wearing and owning our jewellery as we have making it.

Upon request, you will receive an email with a detailed description of the products you chose along with their picture.

What Are The Anniversary Gifts For Each Year?

The best anniversary gifts for each year are filled with love and gratitude and reflect the significance of your anniversary. As the wedding anniversary approaches, think about how your spouse has impacted your life; this is the best way to show your appreciation.

Think of the special times you spent together and how much fun you had, and how special it was to share so many moments together.

How to Choose the Right Anniversary Gifts

Choosing the right anniversary gifts is not an easy task. You want to give people the best gift possible, yet you don’t know how to select the right present. It’s like choosing between chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Perhaps you and your significant other have been dating for years, and now it’s time to start planning the best anniversary gifts.

Choosing the right present for your loved one can be tricky even if you know exactly how you want to spend your money. For example, if one of you wants a particularly large present but the other is worried about spending money on it, it might be difficult for the smaller person to outweigh the larger person's wants and desires. Or if one person wants to buy something in the future but the other is against it, there might be resentment.

What Is a Good Anniversary Gift?

A good anniversary gift is something that allows you to relish in the moment and reflects your love for the person. Maybe they've supported you throughout your career, or have worked for you for free, and you just want to show them how much you appreciate them.

Or maybe you and your significant other just plain enjoy each other’s company. Whatever the case may be, a thoughtful gift gives the recipient a reason to smile even in the face of bad news.

Consider a personalised ring with their name engraved on it along with the skyline of their favourite city. Or a silver sterling necklace with a personalised bar pendant with their favourite quote or motto or pet name.

Find the Perfect Gift

You know that old saying, “it’s the thought that counts?” Well, that may be true. But finding the perfect gift really does count too.

Since you want to buy a gift your loved one will love, or at least like a lot, you definitely want to find something they like just a little bit more than their current favourite thing. And that could be hard to do when you are buying gifts for people who’ve been around a while and who basically have everything they need.

Finding the perfect gift is hard work. It takes time, research, and effort. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way? Well, there is! At Otterly Yours, you can find the perfect gift for anyone in your life. From personalised necklaces and pendants to personalised engravings on rings, you can find the perfect gift to celebrate that special landmark in the store.