Baby Shower

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Are you going to a babyshower and finding that a gift for the expecting mum is hard to choose or find that special gift that is meaningful?

At Otterly Yours, we have a range of gifts that are often bought as baby shower presents. Our range of jewellery is diverse, enabling you to find something personal and memorable..

Every one of our pieces is carefully designed and expertly made to order so that it is a special, unique piece of jewellery that is both durable and beautiful.

Take a look through our range and pick the items you think will best reflect the personality of your friend or family member, personalised with a special baby focused message, and you have a gift that will be special to the heart of the receiver.

Laser engraved baby shower gifts

It's easy to settle into the familiar and buy the same old baby shower gifts for the new baby. But why not make mum feel special with a personalised jewellery piece that is one-of-a-kind and just for her?

We have a range of items that might be perfect and you can personalise on the pendant face or on the inside of a ring, and put a message of love and best wishes.

Our blank pendants are perfect for baby showers. They are made from high-quality sterling silver and have plenty of space for a nice inscription, a star sign, initials or even a portrait.

When you choose our blank pendants you have a blank canvas on which to engrave special, loving short texts and make the gift for your friend or relative special. These blank pendants are very popular for baby showers because they are so versatile and can create a gift that is either for mum or to be given to baby later.

Nature focused jewellery

If mum to be is nature-loving, then why not consider one of our nature-focused jewellery designs for the baby shower?

We have a wide range of concepts and designs, including a midnight stream, doves in love, galloping horses, cats and dogs, birds and flowers. Whether you want animal, nature or just a really nice design, we have a piece of jewellery that will fit the bill.

Location focused jewellery

As well as animal and nature-focused jewellery, we have cityscapes and landmarks jewellery, including an Eiffel Tower pendant. Take a look through our designs and if the baby shower is for mum who loves to travel, then one of these maybe just be for her.

All of our jewellery is made from high-quality materials, including stunning sterling silver, and our engraving is done with high-quality laser engraving technology to ensure a perfect finish every time.

Are you stuck for a gift for the baby shower?

It's easy to get confused and to struggle for gifts for baby showers. You want something personal and memorable, high-quality and good value.

At Otterly Yours, our jewellery has been given at baby showers since 2017. With so many designs on offer, there is something for every pregnant mum.

If you want to buy for mum and baby why not buy matching rings or matching pendants and personalise them with special messages for mum and baby? With our gifts, the only limit to your present is your imagination.

What will you laser engrave?

You could laser engrave a portrait for a star sign, a message for a baby or a message for mum. Perhaps the message should be more about the relationship you have with mum and how you will support her every step of the way on the new journey she is embarking on.

The important thing with any message is that it is personal and connects the sender and the receiver in a special way. That's the beauty of personalised jewellery, it provides a connection that can last forever.

What are our most popular styles for baby showers?

We often get asked what our most popular baby shower gifts are. Most popular are naturally the blank pendants and rings that are personalised, and we often sell pairs or sets for the whole family.

The nature and animal designs are often popular as well, including the flowers and birds. The heart and love focused symbols and designs are also extremely good for baby showers.

Take a look through the designs and see what you think will resonate most with the receiver and then personalise it with a message that will get the tears of joy and remembrance flowing down her face.

Why choose Otterly Yours personalised jewellery for baby showers?

Our jewellery designs are carefully chosen to represent the best possible collection for any occasion. Our gifts have been making people smile since 2017, and with new designs and new ideas always coming into the catalogue, we aim to provide you with more choice and more variety.

Our jewellery designs are trendy and modern but suitable for everyone from young mothers to mums having their third or fourth baby. We are sure there is something that you will find that will be perfect for the baby shower gift you are looking for.

Our jewellery represents terrific value for money. We have unique pieces that can't be found anywhere else and will become talking pieces for mum when she wears them.

By inscribing inside of a ring or engraving on a necklace, you show how much thought, care, love and attention have gone into selecting and creating this special gift for the baby shower. On the special occasion, your friend or relative will appreciate the effort you have gone put in and treasure the gift forever.

We ensure that we deliver our items promptly and will provide you with excellent customer service to any enquiries that you may have. Our goal is your satisfaction, whether it be the value for money of the jewellery, quality of the packaging, or the speed and reliability of the delivery that we provide.

We are always looking to improve our service and our jewellery collection, so come back and check out our jewellery next time you're looking for a gift for a friend, relative or loved one.