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Christmas is a magical time of year. And although there are so many gifts ideas to explore, it can be difficult to know where to get them and what exactly to get.

At Otterly Yours jewellery, we provide a wide range of presents that are suitable for children, dads, mums, friends, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, bosses, colleagues and virtually anyone you really care about.

Our collection has been designed to be diverse with unique themes and features that make every piece a special Christmas present.

Browse through our catalogue of Christmas gifts and choose those that are best suited to your receivers. You can also personalise the gift with an inscription or another type of personalisation to make it even more special and heartfelt.

Christmas gifts for children

Our jewellery is perfect for children, especially young girls who want a personalised piece of jewellery. Our circular disk and rectangular necklace pendants are very popular, coming with the option to personalise with initials, name or a message.

We also have lots of designs that children love, such as animal designs including penguins, horses and lions, and flower based designs.

Children always get excited by personalised jewellery items, so pick a fabulous inscription and add it to a piece that you know they will love.

Personalised jewellery for dads

We have plenty of options for dad’s Christmas presents as well. One of the most popular ideas is to get a ring with a loving inscription on the inside.

This heartfelt gift can be given as a plain ring or as a ring with a variety of different designs. Cityscape images and animals are often popular choices for dad Christmas presents.

Jewellery Christmas presents for mum

Mum isn't always easy to buy for at Christmas. However, a beautiful message on a stunning piece of jewellery just can't go wrong.

Choose one of the designs that you know she’ll love and then get a heartfelt inscription engraved either on the front or on the inside, depending on whether you are getting a necklace, ring or some other piece of jewellery.

Jewellery Christmas presents for grandparents

Your grandparents have gone through life and probably have most of the comforts that they need. A touching piece of jewellery is sometimes the most caring gift that you can get for them.

A lot of our designs are trendy and modern, but they also have a classic feel and something like our Celtic ring or a classic pendant could be just the present to warm their hearts.

Christmas presents for friends

When buying presents for friends, you don't want to break the bank but you want to provide something that is high-quality and really speaks to them.

With our wide range of nature, location and animal-based designs, and the option for personalised designs and text, we are sure we have the perfect jewellery gift for the friends you are looking to buy Christmas presents for.

Browse through our products today and buy with confidence.

Laser engraving on jewellery

We use a laser engraver to etch the messages into jewellery either on the front or even on the inside of rings. Our high-quality process ensures that the inscription will last and look beautiful.

A heartfelt message on a piece of jewellery shows that you care, have put thought into the gift and really have tried to personalise it for the receiver. This goes a long way and can mean that you end up giving a gift that is kept for a lifetime.

Animal design jewellery

Our animal design jewellery is perfect for Christmas presents because we have different options and they are all high-quality.

Choose from lions, deer, doves, horses and even pet motifs. We have something for everyone.

Nature focused jewellery gifts

Our nature-focused gifts are designed to have meaning with concepts that evoke feeling and emotion.

For example, we have our four-leaf clover design for luck. We have sunflower designs, tree of life pendants, forest streams, diamonds, star constellations, butterflies and so much more.

Each concept has been carefully thought out and depicts a beautiful scene or structure that is unique and compelling.

Location focused jewellery gifts

If you are buying for a globetrotter, then our location gifts may be what you're looking for. We have rings and pendants featuring cityscape scenes and locations such as Bangkok, New York and Paris.

We will continually add to our location themes to provide even more options for you to buy as gifts.

Unique designs

At Otterly Yours, we want you to be able to create your own unique designs on the jewellery that we provide. You could choose a fingerprint, a pet portrait, or even a picture that you or a loved one has drawn and have it inscribed on a pendant.

Our concepts are all about providing you with choice and personalisation so that you can make every gift that you buy on our website a special one for the receiver - unique, high quality and value for money

Necklace Christmas presents

Our range of necklaces are both beautiful and superbly made, meaning they are extremely good value for money.

Whether you choose to completely personalise a blank necklace or transcribe on an existing design, we're sure your receiver will be delighted this Christmas. Imagine their face as they unpack a stunning necklace that has an inscription that means something to both of you.

Choose an Otterly beautiful necklace and make it Yours with an inscription today.

Rings for Christmas presents

We provide a range of designs on the rings that we sell on the website, so you have a wider choice. Whether you're looking for something fairly blank or something more decorative, we have the options for you, and you can also add inscriptions on the inside to personalise the gift.

This Christmas, why not consider a ring for dad or mum, or a set of rings for your family to draw everyone together. What better way to unite your family than have everyone wearing a shared symbol of love and unity, inscribed with the family name or a family motto?

What will you personalise on yours?

With so many personalisation options, it's over to you to decide what to put on your jewellery piece. It could be a heartfelt message. It could be a name and date. It could be a picture or a fingerprint. It could be a nickname or message that is personal to you and the receiver.

Whatever you choose to inscribe, just make sure that you fit it within the character limit and we will do the rest; engraving with high-quality materials into high-quality materials to ensure the best possible product you can get with superb value for money.

Make this Christmas a personal Christmas

When you choose Otterly Yours, you're choosing a personal gift and to create a memory for the receiver.

We have so many different gift ideas available that why not buy for the different people in your life in one go. Personalise each message accordingly and touch the hearts of those you love with a gift that comes straight from your soul.

Why choose Otterly Yours for your Christmas presents?

At Otterly Yours, we are all about providing you with choice and personalisation options. Every design that we market on our website means something to us and has been carefully selected.

We want you to find exactly the right gift to resonate in the heart of the person you are buying for this Christmas. If you look at the fine details of the silhouettes and the detailing on the floral rings, for example, you'll notice how much care and attention has gone into the design.

The manufacture of our rings and necklaces is done to the highest of quality. The sterling silver we use is superb, as are all of the other materials that we utilise in the manufacture process of our jewellery. If you are looking for high quality, premium jewellery at an affordable price point, then Otterly Yours is a great place for you to shop.

You can count on us to deliver

We have been selling online since 2017 and have been through several Christmas seasons.

During the festive period, we understand that there can be concerning items won't arrive on time. We do our utmost to deliver as per our schedule, which can be next-day delivery or 3 to 5 working days for most items.

Make sure that you understand the delivery timeframes before you order, especially if you are personalising your jewellery. We use reliable carriers and ensure that you don't pay over the odds for shipping as well.

We also ship to the EU and worldwide, but again be aware of extended delivery timeframes if you are ordering for Christmas and the date is approaching.

Buy Christmas presents from Otterly Yours this year

Browse through our catalogue of beautiful gift ideas and we're sure you will be inspired by the diversity of choice, the detailing on the jewellery and the quality of the product.

When you add our jewellery to your basket, you are doing so knowing that you are getting a high-quality product for the price you are paying. Make sure this Christmas, you get a personalised, special Christmas engraved jewellery gift for everyone receiving presents from you by buying your Christmas gifts at Otterly Yours.