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Are you looking to purchase a jewellery gift for someone getting ready to don a cap or gown?

Graduations are momentous and celebratory occasions. Everyone deserves recognition of their achievements as they enter the next phase of their lives.

It is important to recognise the success of our loved ones and all the hard work they put into receiving their diplomas by giving them a graduation gift they can cherish for a very long time. When it comes to graduation, you can be sure that there is a special gift for everyone.

Why Is Jewellery a Good gift?

Graduation is a time for new beginnings, including a special occasion to celebrate with gifts.

A popular choice for graduation gift is jewelry because of how significant a piece can be for the graduate. Whether it be something to celebrate their accomplishment, or something that symbolizes one’s growth in life, choosing jewelry as a graduation gift can make an impact.

Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Graduation Gift

Jewellery makes a great gift for both men and women because its enduring nature means they won't outgrow it like they might a pair of jeans or a dinner gown. It also won't go out of style like the latest fashionable pair of sneakers.

Pieces of jewellery are a more personal gift, so it will help the graduate place special significance on them. It will also help them kick-start their "next level" wardrobe or give them something they can wear to future job interviews, special events, and all the other things that come with post-graduation life.

No doubt that picking out graduation gifts is even harder than picking out regular presents. Graduation is supposed to be a special event, so these grads want and deserve something nice. To help, here are a few tips on how to pick out something they’ll truly love.

  1. Take Into Consideration Their Style
  2. While there are plenty of sentiments to consider, knowing the recipient’s style and personality will make it easier to select a gift they’ll love without hesitation. This will give them an elegant keepsake that will be worn long after the ceremony.

    The most general rule of thumb when selecting graduation gifts is to choose something which will be appreciated by the recipient.

  3. What you wish to say
  4. For important life milestones like graduation, a personalised fine jewellery gift gives an extra touch to commemorate the message. However, if you want them to be able to wear your jewellery gift long after graduation, you should keep the message subtle.

    They would not want to wear something that has an inscription or message they can outgrow. Even if the world can't see your message, he or she'll know it's there and treasure it.

    Think about the message you want your gift to reflect so that your graduate will be able to wear something that reminds them of their important life event every time they put the jewellery on.

    They’ll love how much thought was put into finding a sentimental fine jewellery gift specifically for them!

  5. Versatility is a necessary
  6. Jewellery that gets the most wear is often the piece that mixes and matches well with other pieces. Consider how it might look with other items of clothing or accessories they might have when you're selecting jewellery for a gift.

    Diamonds are good for versatility.

    Jewellery should be stylish, but it should also suit your body type. Looking at the trends is fun and revealing, but there’s no better way to decide on what will work for your recipient than picking out some pieces that you like and seeing how they match with clothing items or accessories that you know they already own.

    Aesthetically pleasing jewellery can be paired with almost anything — from jeans to skirts, top hats to sandals.

  7. Utility Based Jewellery
  8. If you're giving a gift to a graduate and you notice they don't wear jewellery often, consider giving them something more useful and convenient: a money clip for instance is an excellent choice for a grad leaving the university.

    It's compact and sleek design allows it to be easily kept in the pockets or bag. Another good idea is a pair of cufflinks for men and brooch for women.

    Unlike money clips, cufflinks or brooches are worn on the shirt or blouse and are an elegant addition to smart or casual outfits alike.

  9. Consider Their Metal Preference
  10. In selecting a piece of jewellery for your grad, you'll need to consider the type of metal they like to wear.

    Your gift may influence other pieces of jewellery they add to their collection, so it's crucial to choose the metal thoughtfully. First, observe what kind of metal they usually wear. Do they prefer gold, silver or diamond? Have you talked about their favorite type of metal with them?

    You might ask someone close to them what metal type they prefer. Also, consider choosing a metal that compliments their skin tone.

    Below are some metal types and their complimentary skin tones.

  11. Every skin tone: Rose gold looks stunning against dark or light skin tones. The intense colour is not difficult to blend in with lighter fabrics and clothing. Its warm, sensual tone makes it an ideal choice for wearing during those chilly days when you want to feel like a true fashion queen. Its timelessness makes it perfect for any woman.
  12. A darker skin tone: If you have ever noticed that gold looks gorgeous against olive or darker skin tones, it’s because it’s highly reflective. The gold in your skin reflects off the light around you which makes it pop against the darkness.
  13. A lighter skin tone: Sterling silver and white gold jewellery is a timeless choice for a woman who values her jewellery for its beauty as well as for its value. Fair-skinned women appear kindly and elegant in jewellery made from these two precious metals.
  14. 6. Gemstone Meanings: Consider them
  15. A meaningful piece of jewellery can remind new grads of their strength, determination, and dreams.

    The piece can also be a good-luck charm and help them stay in a positive mindset as they journey into adulthood.

    If you are looking to purchase a gemstone for that special someone to mark an occasion, just know that each stone carries with it a different meaning. If you aren’t careful about which stone you choose, you could end up hurting her or his feelings. Before picking out a gift, make sure you know what the stone stands for.

    Gems come in many types with varying properties. The quality of hardness is important when you consider wearing a gemstone.

    Below are different selections of gemstones for your consideration.

  16. Ruby:
  17. Ruby is the red variety of the mineral corundum, one of the natural minerals. Ruby is one of the traditional cardinal gemstones for its associated sign of Leo. Its colour ranges from very light pink to a deep crimson called "royal" or "pigeon blood".

    It is thought that Rubies attract wealth, protect wearers from harm and bring luck in love. You might give ruby jewellery to a graduate to inspire him or her to reach success.

  18. Emerald:
  19. Emerald, the most precious of all the coloured gems, has been quite literally the standard bearer for excellence in beauty since the very beginning of recorded history. Wherever and whenever people cast their eyes upon an unsurpassed gemstone, they were really looking at emeralds.

    Emeralds are vivid green gemstones and are often associated with wealth and prosperity. For these reasons, emeralds make a good gift for a young graduate entering the business world or anyone who is starting out on their own.

  20. Sapphire:
  21. Sapphire is a tough, hard gemstone. It's highly durable and scratch resistant due to its strong hardness. Due to the versatility of sapphire it can be used in many jewellery applications.

    The deep blue colour of sapphires has made them adored by people for centuries. Sapphires are traditional gemstones of royalty and are believed to attract wealth and protect the wearer from envy. Sapphires also promote peace and good health.

  22. Diamond:
  23. Diamond is the birthstone for April, the zodiac sign Cancer, and closes the heart chakra. It is composed of rigid carbon atoms in a structure that forms a tetrahedron, with each carbon connected to four others. Diamond has high thermal conductivity and a high refractive index.

    The Ancient Greeks associated diamonds with strength and invincibility. They also believed that diamonds could give the wearer a renewed sense of courage and invincibility. As such, they used diamonds for protective amulets to be worn by soldiers and hunters.

  24. Amethyst:
  25. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and belongs to the quartz family. Quartz contains very little water; therefore, amethyst is much harder than diamonds and rubies. Therefore it will not scratch easily. Amethyst is said to be for the imagination and spirituality and it is considered an intellectual stone that stimulates mental capacity.

    Amethyst has a soothing, purifying effect on the mind, emotions, and spirit. It relieves negativity, stress, and fatigue and is traditionally used as an aid to meditation. It also helps fight depression.

    If you give a graduate amethyst jewellery, that will help him/her to maintain a sense of balance as she experiences a new stage in life.

  26. Turquoise:
  27. Turquoise is a unique gemstone. In fact, it's actually not a single gemstone at all -- it's a hydrated phosphate of aluminum. That doesn't mean much to most people, but what it does mean is that despite the fact that turquoise is frequently found in ancient burial grounds in Egypt, China and the United States - you could think of turquoise as being among the rarest gems on Earth.

    According to some people, turquoise is a symbol of hope and positivity.

  28. Peridot:
  29. Peridot is the gem-quality variety of olivine, a mineral in the forsterite group. Peridot has a rich verdant greenish-yellow hue which is highly unusual for any gemstone, and it is probably this fact that makes peridot so popular.

    In a different light, peridot can appear to be many different colours (green, yellow-green, olive green, bluish-green etc.), and it is the change in colour that adds to peridots' beauty.

    Its ability to both heal and prosper would seem to make her an ideal choice for those seeking longevity and prosperity in their lives.

  30. Jade:
  31. Jade is a stone that has been pressed and fashioned into a variety of objects over time. The shape, colour, and pattern reproduce the properties of nature in surprising ways. Jades are often indigenous to certain regions or parts of Asia, and they can be found in areas with a high concentration of indigenous cultures. The cutting and polishing process for jade occurs at a kiln, a process that can produce an astounding array of results. These stones are highly valued not just for their aesthetic qualities but because they serve as conduits.

    It is believed that jade supposedly brings several benefits including creativity, friendship, positive energy, and good luck. Consider giving your grad jade jewelry to promote an overall sense of well-being.

  32. Opal:
  33. Opal is the birthstone for October. The word Opal comes from the Latin "opalus" meaning "to see a change of colour." Since Roman times, opal has been believed to possess mystical powers. Ancient Romans thought opal was the gift of heavenly beings and would protect them from harm. The opal was thought to protect its wearer from illness, accidents, and evil spirits while bringing him or her good luck, happiness and prosperity.

  34. Lapis lazuli:
  35. Lapis lazuli is a bi-colour gemstone, an opaque blue rock containing occasional flecks of Pyrite that is often with gold or white calcite, feldspar, and quartz. Fossils are sometimes present.

    Lapis lazuli comes from ancient Afghanistan, where it can be found in large quantities over a large area. Lapis lazuli usually is cut into cabochons or domed "bull's eyes" for use as beads and small carvings.

    Lapis lazuli was said to alleviate insomnia and depression and to create truthfulness and creativity — perfect for the artistic graduate.

  36. 7. Consider the Graduate’s Age
  37. Remember to consider the graduate's age and stage of life, as well as their personal style. When selecting a graduation gift, what are two things a graduation gift should include? Well, such a gift should be something which is both enduring and meaningful.

    A jewellery that achieves both can be called the perfect piece.

  38. Graduating from college
  39. Graduating from college is a great time to start or enhance a young person's classic jewellery wardrobe. A woman planning to immediately enter the professional workforce would appreciate work-worthy basics like sophisticated stud earrings, a diamond solitaire necklace or a strand of pearls.

  40. Graduates with advanced degrees
  41. Keeping in mind the age, life stage and personal style of your graduate, you're sure to choose a memento that provides a meaningful and lasting memory of the occasion.

    For instance, a man or woman who works in an environment where appearance is of utmost importance will appreciate a nice watch. For women with a career in law or business, a classic pearl strand, a necklace or stud earrings with a single diamond or other gemstones, or a delicate pendant necklace.

    Give the Perfect Graduation Jewellery

    Graduation is a very special moment in everybody’s life. It is the time that we set out on a path to be successful, and to achieve a lot of things.

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