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A unique baby gift is a must for the new arrival. What better than a personalised keepsake to help mark this special occasion. From heart shaped necklaces to personal message pendants, Otterly Yours baby gifts are available in a variety of styles that will create a cherished item for Baby and Mum.

Every new baby deserves a special piece of jewellery just for them. Our range of delicate and understated personalised designs make wonderful gifts, and add a beautiful sentiment to a special occasion. Our baby gifts are pieces the little one can keep and cherish forever.

Personalised Jewellery Gifts for the New Mum

A meaningful personalised gift for a new Mum is a thoughtful way to pay your respects and mark the special occasion of welcoming a new baby into the world.

You can choose from our range of cute, delicate jewellery pieces which will be engraved with a special message of your choosing.

Our personalised jewellery gifts are perfectly suited to creating a memorable and thoughtful surprise for the new Mum.

Personalised Jewellery Gifts for the New Baby

Choose from our collection of personalised jewellery gifts, or add your own sentiment for the new baby in a variety of shapes and styles.

We want your gifts to be the perfect token of a loving and thoughtful message, that will speak volumes to the parent about the time they have spent with you.

Our jewellery gifts are unique, special gifts so that your gift can be personalised with your own message and sentiment.

Choose from heart-shaped jewellery designs that are ideal baby gifts, or opt for a wide range of pendants, necklaces and much more.

Whether you are searching for a special gift for the new arrival, or would like to express your love to a friend and partner, an engraved jewellery gift from Otterly Yours is sure to raise a smile.

The birth of a new baby is like a ray of light from the heavens coming down to the earth to be shared with the world, and it is up to a caring person to capture the special moments and commemorate this special occasion for eternity.

New Baby Gifts that Create Memories

Each new baby brings a fresh start for the whole family, and each person in the world can play a role in the life of this precious baby.

A personal message on the gift will have a lasting impression on both Baby and Mum, making it the perfect keepsake for every occasion.

Such a gift will create a lasting impression and be cherished for the whole of their infant years is invaluable, from a baby's first steps to an afternoon spent lounging in the play garden.

Otterly Yours has a range of personalised jewellery gifts available, whether it is a personalised pewter gift, engraved ring or delicate pearl necklaces, Otterly Yours gifts are the perfect unique and memorable keepsake for every occasion.

Personalised engraving for New Baby jewellery gifts

Here are some ideas of the kinds of messages you could have engraved on your New Baby gift:

  1. 1.To make an expression of joy "What joy, a baby boy!"
  2. 2.To express your support and love "Always here for you baby Jess!"
  3. 3.To mark a new addition to the family - "Welcome home!"
  4. 4.To wish them luck in life "May all your dreams and wishes come true!"
  5. 5.To wish them a special birthday Birthday Wishes"Welcome"
  6. 6.To wish them good health Health Wishes: "Happy Healthy Years"
  7. 7.To say you are thinking of them "Thinking of You"
  8. 8.To tell them something you never say to others - "You're awesome!"
  9. 9.To send your love and to wish them "Lots of Love" "With all our Love x"
  10. Nature Jewellery

    Beautiful Nature-focused Jewellery has always been treasured by nature lovers. Our nature jewellery reflects an appreciation for the natural world and is a stunning option for new baby gifts.

    These beautifully handmade jewellery pieces depict forests and mountains of the world, and are crafted with great care and attention.

    Cityscape Jewellery

    Cityscape jewellery is becoming more popular than ever.

    Each piece has a different theme and is inspired by the unique beauty of streets and cityscapes.

    Location Jewellery

    Every city and country has its own beauty, and so it is only fitting that jewellery that is inspired by those locations should reflect that.

    Personalised Rings

    As a new mum you can add your new baby's name onto a beautiful ring to be treasured forever.

    If you are looking for a gift for a new mum in your life, what better way than to celebrate your new journey by gifting a beautiful piece of jewellery with a special message inscribed inside?

    You can also get a ring personalised for the baby to wear when older.

    Otterly Yours has a collection of gorgeous rings for babies, crafted to bring new life into the world with beautiful jewellery. Each ring is handmade with love. The unique character on each ring makes each one a special memento and a personalised keepsake.

    Personalised Necklaces

    Our Personalised Necklaces for New Baby make a lovely keepsake for both you and your new baby. A one off piece of personalised jewellery. Every necklace comes beautifully wrapped in a gift box, ready to give as a gift. These make great presents for new parents with a newborn child, or to the baby.

    Our range of beautiful gift ideas will leave you Otterly speechless. Give your loved ones something truly personal - a beautiful necklace that highlights the joy of the arrival of a new baby. Whether it's for a boy or girl, the new parents will adore this keepsake necklace that can be engraved with their chosen names. A meaningful yet affordable gift idea to commemorate the most special day in their lives.

    Personalised Pendants

    Otterly Yours jewellery represents the special bond between a child and their mother; perfect if you're looking for a special little something to mark a brand new arrival. Our collection of personalised pendants are the perfect way to celebrate this momentous occasion, or even give as a charming gift to mark a baby shower.

    Otterly Yours Jewellery offers a vast range of very cute and clever designer-inspired personalised jewellery. We are determined to provide you with beautiful jewellery that's original, reasonably priced and ethically made.

    Why Choose Otterly Yours?

    We are a small, family-run business with a very strong passion for providing outstanding products and an unparalleled service. We love what we do and hope you do too.

    We care for our customers and their needs. If you require any assistance with anything we can advise you on, we’re here to help.

    We offer a 100% money back offer, and if not entirely happy with your purchase, we will either give you a refund or re-purchase, ensuring you always receive value for money when buying personalised jewellery.

    Our personalised jewellery keepsakes are beautifully engraved in silver or gold, adding a touch of elegance and luxury to our unique jewellery pieces.

    Our jewellery gifts are handmade and crafted by dedicated professionals with an eye for detail and beautiful engravings.

    It is our goal to provide you with exceptional service. We love nothing more than to see happy customers, and to know your satisfaction.

    What makes Otterly Yours so special?

    We're known for our trendy designs and individual style, but we stand out because of the personal touches you'll find in every product. Each piece of jewellery is hand-polished to a high shine before it leaves the workshop, and personally engraved with your words to make it truly unique.

    You're sure to fall head over heels for our jewellery featuring personalised engraving, fun designs and affordable price tags. Whether you choose a bracelet, pendant, necklace or set, you'll find something to love at our online jewellery store.

    Fast Delivery and Value for Money

    With Otterly Yours it's easy - we offer you both quality and value for money. Quality is the main reason why our jewellery is so popular, and value for money comes from our commitment to offering you the best designs at prices everyone can afford.

    Otterly Yours is a jewellery brand that offers trending, unique and trendsetting products at great prices. We offer competitive prices on all of our products with special offers throughout the year and a quick delivery service to our UK customers so even if you are looking for that special something last minute it's not a problem!

    Make your baby gift extra special with one of our gorgeous personalised jewellery pieces. All our jewellery is quality assured, so you can rest assured that each piece we sell meets the highest of standards.

    Looking for the perfect new baby gift?

    If you're looking for something extra special for that special someone, then the Otterly Yours Collection is sure to provide. We have the widest and most original collection of personalised jewellery available online, for every occasion including baby personalised jewellery.

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