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Most of us have experienced the challenge of buying a gift for someone moving into a new home. They probably have a toaster, kettle and most other household items, and if they haven't provided a list then it can be a real challenge. Welcome to Otterly Yours personalised jewellery.

We strive to provide a comprehensive and diverse range of gifts that can be used for any occasion. Take a look through our catalogue of jewellery and you'll see different themes and concepts, and the ability to laser-engrave and personalise the jewellery with a message of your liking.

Laser engraved new home jewellery gifts

Our laser engraving process involves high-quality etching and engraving pictures, marks and lettering into the premium jewellery materials that we use.

When you're looking for a special gift for someone, or a couple moving into a new home, what better way to show your thought than a personalised piece or set of jewellery that is going to make them smile and remember the gift for years to come?

With our laser-engraved products, you can choose to engrave a portrait, a message, an image, or even a picture of a pet. The necklace pendants are an ideal place to add a portrait, whether it be on circular discs or rectangular pendants. The options we provide enable you to do something really special for your loved one moving into a new home.

Personalised rings for a housewarming present

A ring can symbolise so much. Rings are the circle of life. They symbolise eternity in the never-ending loop. They symbolise commitment and stability. When moving into a new home, a ring can be an apt present, but it may not be enough without a personal message.

Often moving into a new home represents a commitment between two people to each other. A pair of rings can be a beautiful gift for a couple, especially when inscribed with a message to each individual.

Our unique jewellery designs

As you take a look through our designs, you'll see different themes and different concepts. Our goal is to provide a collection that has something that will appeal to all the special people in your life.

Is the new home in the countryside? Perhaps you'd like to consider one of our nature-focused jewellery pieces with deer, horses or a stream engraved on them?

Have the homebuyers just finished travelling and are coming back to settle down? Perhaps you would like to consider one of the cityscapes-themed jewellery pieces, such as a skyline of New York or Bangkok?

Our unique jewellery designs provide you with the opportunity to pick an idea that will resonate with your friend or loved one and then make it even more special by personalising it with a message.

New home gifts for him

If it’s is a single man that you're buying for, then jewellery can make a superb housewarming gift. You could buy a stylish, trendy ring for him. You could choose, for example, a cityscape view.

You could draw your own picture for personalisation of a pendant, or you could go with a silver compass pendant with a peace symbol, his star sign, his name or even have a laugh and do a pendant tag with his new address so he doesn't get lost. There are so many options available, and with personalisation, you can make it special for him.

New home gifts for her

If it’s a single girl moving into a new home, then the wonderful options we have are almost endless. We have so many different designs and styles, necklaces, rings and pendants, and personalisation options galore.

Personalised necklaces

Our personalised necklaces are versatile in what you can put on them. They are beautifully made, comfortable to wear, and crafted from the best materials within the price points.

Our jewellery is designed to be affordable so that you don't have to spend a fortune getting a housewarming gift on our website, but they are classy and high-quality enough to really have the wow factor.

Going to a housewarming and not sure what to get them?

Housewarming gifts really are difficult to buy. We're sure that as you look through our collection, you’ll get ideas and jolts of optimism as you see concepts and images that could appeal to the new home buyer.

We will package your gift beautifully, inscribe it permanently and deliver it punctually to either you or the recipient. We take the hassle out of buying housewarming gifts through the range of products and inscription options that we provide, giving you inspiration and options that the receivers are sure to love.

What message will you inscribe?

If you have decided to inscribe a text-based message on the jewellery, then what are you are going to go for?

We have seen new home gifts with congratulations on your new home. We have also seen items with the address and date moved in. You could also consider an inspirational message about this being the next step on the journey, as moving home, especially buying one's first home, is such a rite of passage and a big deal in life.

One thing is for sure; giving personalised jewellery will show how much caring thought you have put into the gift, and a message from the heart is sure to strike a chord with the person or people you are buying for.

Why choose Otterly Yours?

At Otterly Yours, we have been providing jewellery gifts for housewarming gifts and many other occasions since 2017. We have been overwhelmed by the positive testimonials from our customers and delighted by the way our gifts have impacted our many overjoyed receivers the world over.

Every piece of jewellery that we deliver has been checked and checked again, and represents a design and concept that we ourselves love. We go through great efforts to ensure the quality, value for money and beauty of our jewellery products.

Our inscription processes are high-quality, which means you will get a beautifully inscribed piece of jewellery that will impress.

Our delivery options are reliable, and you can choose next-day delivery on many items. We also have EU and worldwide shipping options.

We are constantly adding to our new home gifts and other collections, so make sure to come back regularly and see what new and trendy jewellery options and styles we have for you to buy. Our aim is to provide you with all of the beautiful jewellery options you may want for all the gifts to the special people in your life.

So take a look through our catalogue of products, add the items you want to your cart, and buy with confidence. Our customer service is exceptional, as is the packing and delivery service that we offer. We are a reliable jewellery gift shop online that will take the stress and hassle out of getting a memorable gift for someone moving into a new home.