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Push Present Gift

The miracle of childbirth really is a miracle. The amount of strain and effort that the mother goes through, whether pushing the baby out or ending up with a C-section, is immense.

Push presents are a tradition that seems to have started in India and are to congratulate the mum for the momentous achievement of going through labour. At Otterly Yours, we have a number of gifts that are perfectly suited for push presents, so take a look through our website and choose items that you think will really touch the heart of the new mum in your life.

Personalised push present necklaces

We have a beautiful range of necklaces in circular disk and rectangular formats that can be personalised with images or text. These can be perfect push gifts for the new mother as you could put the name and date of birth, or even a portrait photo onto the jewellery.

The options really are limitless as to what you can put on our personalised jewellery. All you have to do is make sure that you think about a condensed message if using text.

Why not a personalised star sign jewellery piece?

Why not consider personalising a piece of jewellery with the star sign of the baby and its name? This could be a beautiful keepsake that could go to Mum and then later on to the baby as he/she grows up. This is a thoughtful and memorable idea for both baby boys and baby girls as push presents.

A ring is a sign of eternity and the circle of life. What better way to celebrate the birth of a new baby and all the effort that the mum has gone through than providing her with a personalised ring with an inscription on the inside. This is something that she could wear day in day out and could become a part of her as she celebrates her journey of life with the new baby.

A special push presents is all about the thought and love that went into the idea. At Utterly Yours, we are committed to providing you with high-quality jewellery that you can personalise beautifully to create that unique gift that speaks to the heart.

Unique jewellery designs from Otterly Yours

We have been marketing our jewellery on Etsy since 2017, and many new mums have received gifts that have made them smile and shed a tear. We are passionate about providing gifts that connect with the receiver and we do this through unique designs and high-quality personalisation.

Browse through our range of nature-focused jewellery, including the four-leaf clover design (for luck), lotus flowers, hibiscus flowers and drawn floral patterns, and so much more that inspired by nature.

Our collection also features location-based designs such as the London skyline, New York skyline, Bangkok skyline and the Eiffel Tower. If one of those locations mean something to the mum, then one of these gifts may be the perfect option for your push present.

We also have lots of animal-focused designs with lionesses, penguins, turtle doves in love, butterflies, birds, galloping horses, squirrels and much more.

Our range of jewellery has been brought together to provide you with options that can connect and move the person you are buying for. Take a look through our push present ideas, work out a special message to personalise with, and then buy online with confidence.

Different sizes, styles and personalisation options

We strive to make our jewelry as personal as possible and provide different sizes for rings and chains, different shapes and styles and even provide you with the option to choose your font when you are personalising the typeface of your engraving.

Why not consider a portrait?

If you're giving a push present after the birth, then you may well have a photo that you can capture and rn into a personalised piece of jewellery. We are able to put portraits onto pendants, which are a massively popular push present, and one that goes down very well with new mums. Imagine the look on her face when she sees a pendant with her baby’s face on it-priceless!

Why choose Otterly Yours for push presents?

At Otterly Yours, we are committed to providing top-quality customer service, fast delivery and quality products. Our sterling silver is premium quality and all the materials that we use are chosen, so they can provide the best possible product within the price point.

Every attention goes into the detailing of our products and the designs are carefully selected to provide you with choice, beauty, and fun throughout the range.

Our collection is constantly being improved and enhanced as we add new items to the mix, so stop back by regularly to see what else we have on offer that may inspire you, or the person you are buying for.

Value for money in every piece

Our products are designed to provide you with everyday value for money when you're buying gifts, whether it be for push presents, birthdays, baby shower, Mother's Day or anything else.

Our vision is to provide a one-stop-shop for all the jewellery items that you could want to give to the special people in your life. The inscriptions we do are high-quality and we ensure that the engraved piece that you receive lasts for many years to come. This is our value promise and commitment to quality.

Our online shopping system is safe and reliable and you can order with confidence through the basket on the website. We strive to deliver on a standard basis within five working days and can also offer next-day delivery on many items. If you have a specific deadline for an item, then please check that you have time to get it for the day you need it before ordering.

Order from Otterly Yours and make the new mum in your life smile!

Our mission is to make your life easier when buying special gifts for your loved ones. Pick that perfect present from our catalogue, choose your personalisation message, and sit back and wait for a beautiful item to arrive, complete with a laser inscription.

What better way to tell that special woman in your life that you love her, and are proud of all of the efforts she's gone through during pregnancy than to provide a special personalised push present?

We look forward to providing you with that one-of-a-kind, wonderful piece of jewellery that stamps her mark on the heart of the person you give it to.