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There's so much to think about on your wedding day that it can be overwhelming. One of the big challenges for many wedding couples is getting wedding party gifts.

Wedding party gifts can take many forms, and they need to be personal and targeted at the receivers. Whether it is the ashes, bridesmaids, best man, parents of the bride or groom that you are looking to buy for, we have wedding party gift ideas that will really make a special feeling for the receiver.

Personalised wedding party gifts

At Utterly Yours, we have laser engraving technology to personalise the jewellery on our website. Whether you want to add the date and details of your wedding to a ring or pendant, or you want to purchase a portrait on a piece of jewellery, we can personalise the items for you and make them extra special.

Special ways to say thank you to your wedding party

So much goes into the preparation for a wedding that there are always lots of people to thank. On our website, we have a diverse range of jewellery that could be gifted so that you can fall within your budget for the different gifts you are looking to buy.

You could pick some very special gifts for the most important members of the wedding party and then pick nice personalised extras for others when you don't want to spend quite so much money.

Browse through our website and take a look at the different gift ideas. We have trendy cityscapes, nature-based gifts and lots of other types of design and styles of jewellery to fit just about anyone. This makes it possible to pick individual items for the different members of your wedding party so that you can really make them feel special so they know you have put the thought into their gift.

What can you personalise for your wedding party jewellery?

Many people just put the wedding date and couples names on wedding party jewellery gifts. However, you may like to put a quote or something that's meaningful to you as a couple or between you and the receiver.

Every item can be personalised so if you want you can put individual messages to everyone, as long as you stay within the character limit. Our laser engraved personalisation is deep and lasts, so you can be sure that these will remain keepsakes for years to come.

Personalised necklaces for wedding party gifts

Why not consider some beautiful necklace for the bridesmaids and other female members of the wedding party?

You could personalise or just choose a design that you think is particularly relevant to you as a couple and to the relationship you have with the wedding party guests.

Our beautiful necklaces are superbly crafted with fine detail and trendy designs so they can be worn regularly and not just for keepsakes. They'll certainly be something your wedding party will love to receive.

Wedding party gift rings

Rings are so symbolic at weddings. The ring epitomises the circle of life and eternity. By giving your wedding party rings that are personalised with details that mean something to you and to them, you can really make them feel special and give them something they can keep forever. They may then choose to wear the rings on certain occasions.

Our unique designs

We have a mixture of unique designs that are full of character and personality. You can choose from our animal-focused range, location-focused on cityscapes or our nature-inspired designs.

We also have loads of interesting and characterful ideas such as our tree pendants, commitment rings art deco arrangements, and obviously lots of jewellery with hearts on them which might be appropriate for wedding party gifts.

If you prefer a blank canvas, then we have lots of designs that can be laser engraved with nothing else on them so that you can do things like adding star signs, initials, perhaps a portrait of a happy couple, names, dates or anything else that works for your wedding party.

We can engrave on the outside of items or, for example, any inside of rings. You really do have a massive amount of flexibility when you are personalising our unique or plain designs to create the perfect wedding party gifts for everyone you need to buy for.

Why choose Otterly Yours?

Otterly Yours provides you with a massive range of gift ideas that can suit your wedding party. With reasonable prices and excellent quality of materials and workmanship, you can be assured that the gifts that you give will stamp a mark on the heart of the receiver.

No need to look on lots of websites to shop around so much when you can just choose a full range of gifts from Otterly Yours and personalise them so that they mean that much more.

Trendy designs that make an impression

At Otterly Yours, all of our designs are modern and sleek, artistically crafted to make an impression on those that wear them and those that see them.

We have been selling our jewellery on Etsy since 2017, providing a range of fun and loving gifts for every special person in your life. Every item in our ranges are carefully selected for its high quality, design characteristics and value for money. You really can't go wrong with a statement piece for your wedding party from Otterly Yours.

Different sizes, styles and metals are available

We provide you with different options when it comes to the size of ring and chain for different best pieces of jewellery. And also, although much of our jewellery comes in sterling silver, there are also other options for you to choose from.

Personalising your jewellery is easy

It’s really simple to personalise your jewellery at Otterly Yours. Simply choose your message, add it to the input field within the character limit provided for each item.

And then on completion of the order, we will process and engrave your item with the message that you have added. Just make sure that you have proofread so that you don't have any typos as these obviously cannot be undone.

Personalisation is a fabulous way to create a special gift for your wedding party. Each message could be unique or you could have a generic message that goes across a whole wedding party and mean something to everyone.

The camaraderie of a wedding party is something that really lasts forever. By giving special jewellery to the whole team, you are bringing everyone together as a unit even more, and creating a bond that can last for eternity.

Delivery timescales

We always strive to make delivery fast and efficient. Our standard delivery is 3 to 5 working days, although we can offer one working day delivery.

If you have a big order to place, then we advise that you give us a call to discuss the order so that we can make sure we can provide what you need when you need it.

Our goal is to help you source all the gifts that you need for your wedding party and to take the stress out of this process, so get in touch and speak to us.

Just take a look through our website and order the beautiful items that work best for your wedding party.

We've served lots of weddings in the past and had tremendous feedback from the happy couple on the way that their jewellery was received. Add your items to the basket, make sure the personalisation is correct and then check out and will have your items with you before your happy day.