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If you're looking for gifts that can make your friends really happy then you have come to the right place. At Otterly Yours Jewellery, we have a wide range of charming, trendy jewellery gifts and also provide you with the opportunity to personalise them.

Browse through our diverse range of jewellery gifts, featuring different themes and concepts, and choose your personalisation to make it that extra bit special.

Gifts for male friends

We have a range of gifts that are suitable for your male friends. Choose from our rings or blank pendants that can be personalised and find something that will mean something to your friend.

Whether your friend is a globetrotter, nature lover or fashion trendsetter you're sure to find a jewellery item that will suit them.

Gifts for female friends

With beautiful necklaces, rings and a wide range of other jewellery options, Otley Yours provide you with a great source of presents for your female friends.

Personalise a pendant with an image of you with your friend, or with a special message that means something to both of you.

Gifts to friends are all about showing you care and that you have put great thought into the present. With Otterly Yours, you can choose the right item and then get the right message on it to make it extra special.

Gifts for friends at Christmas

It's always difficult buying friends gifts at Christmas. You need to stay within your budget if you want something special.

With the different range of items that we have available, you can choose something for all of your different friends so that you can do all of your Christmas shopping in one place. Your friends will love the quality of the jewellery, the superb laser engraved inscriptions and the fact that you made the effort to make a personalised piece just for them.

Gifts for friends on birthdays

Why not choose one of our ‘Oterrly’ brilliant jewellery pieces for your friend's birthday?

All of our pieces are carefully designed and the materials are premium quality to create a jewellery piece that feels valuable. Give the joy of a personalised jewellery piece to your friend on their birthday.

Gifts to say thank you to friends

Friends are our support and rocks when we need them most in our lives. Sometimes they even feel like family.

When you want to say thank you to a friend in a special way, a personalised jewellery piece can send a message perfectly. A simple message of love and thanks inscribed on a piece of jewellery can be the ‘thank you’ that lasts forever.

Whether you go for a blank pendant tour with a specific design, a necklace or a ring with an inscription inside, your friend will treasure the gift of ‘thank you’ and the thought that has gone into your gesture.

Blank pendants are a great gift to personalise

Our pendants can be personalised with star signs, initials, and ice messages, a pet photograph, a portrait or just about anything else.

You could even have a picture that you created, or one that your friend did, turned into a pendant. Whatever it is that could be most special to your friend you can do it with our jewellery.

Nature focused jewellery

Whether you want a pendant with a stream depicted, four-leaf clover for luck, Celtic-themed concept or anything else natural, you can find it in our collection.

We've picked the designs that we think are the most beautiful and resonate most with the people that you want to give the gifts to. Your friends will love our nature jewellery designs.

Animal feature jewellery

Our animal jewellery features everything from galloping horses to cats and dog.

Is your friend's favourite animal penguin? Do they love the depiction of a nice dear or fawn? Take a look through our animal designs and find something that will inspire happiness in your friend. With personalised pendants or inscribed on the inside of a ring, you are in control of the gift you give.

Location focused designs

For city hoppers and globetrotters, we have city-focused designs with the Eiffel Tower, the New York skyline, the Bangkok skyline and even London focused designs.

Take a look through our travel-focused designs and see if any will resonate with your friends. Give the gift of a memory of a special time spent together in a great location, or just let them know how much you know them by getting them a travel-focused piece.

Our laser engraving personalisation features

Our laser engraving is high-quality and enables us to personalise jewellery to last. Our pieces can become memories and keepsakes for friends.

If you're buying for a few friends, why not buy matching rings and make a group memory and shared possession? Whatever you want to personalise on your jewellery, we can do it with high-quality laser engraving that will stand the test of time.

Why choose Otterly Yours?

At Otterly Yours, we have been selling jewellery since 2017. The feedback we received from people buying for friends and family has been brilliant and has inspired us to further increase our range and designs.

The concepts and ideas that we bring to our jewellery are diverse but all chosen so that they reflect the Otterly Yours brand values and jewellery focus.

The sterling silver that much of our jewellery is made of is high-quality and all the materials we use are chosen because of their strength and durability. You can count on the quality of our products and will be amazed at the price point that we sell the quality at.

If you are buying for a friend on their birthday, for a leaving present or for some other special occasion, you can count on us to deliver on time. We have clear timelines that we deliver within and always strive to get your jewellery to you when you need it. If you are unsure about the timelines for delivery, then please get in touch.

Browse through the Otterly Yours collection today

Browse through our collection of jewellery, perfect for buying for friends, and choose the pieces that will make the biggest impact on your friendship groups. We are sure you will find something you will love and you can be confident to buy with confidence when you buy jewellery on our website.