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Grandparents are among the most dedicated, loving and thoughtful people on the planet. They support you in everything you do, encourage you and build your confidence whenever they can. Yet what do we give them for all this love?

It’s not always easy to buy the perfect gift for your grandparents, especially when they have everything they need. Why not give them jewellery. as a gift?

jewellery. is one of the most intimate and personal ways to connect with friends, family, and loved ones. The gift of jewellery. not only shows how much you care about someone, but also helps them preserve a memory forever. It's actually pretty cool.

Grandparents love receiving gifts and they will love receiving a personalized one even more! Personalize your gift with their name, special photo, fun poem or quote!!

A personalized piece of jewellery. with their names inscribed in an elegant script is a lovely way to show your grandparents how much you appreciate them.

Jewellery. is always a perfect gift, but it’s even more perfect for grandparents. They treasure moments and beautiful memories, such as your wedding day or the birth of their grandchildren—whether they were there or not. A stylish piece of jewellery. captures the moment, and every time they look at it, that special moment is captured once again.

Best jewellery. for grandparents? That’s up to you. But you are about to find out…Have you ever wanted to buy personalized jewellery for your granny, but you cannot find what you like? If yes, then we are glad to introduce you to Otterly Yours Designs. Choosing jewellery. for your grandparents should be easier than ever here at Otterly Yours.

Otterly Yours creates personalized jewellery. with the names of your loved ones, pets and more at just a little extra cost. They have a wide range of different pendants and rings available to honour your grandparents.

The kinds of gifts from Otterly Yours that you could purchase for your grandparents include:

Blank Ready to be Personalised Disc Pendant

This blank disc pendant is perfect for engraving or etching your own design. It comes with a stainless steel silver chain and is small enough to fit in any pocket. Each oval disc is 4cm in diameter and comes with a short chain so you can wear it alone or choose the length that suits you.

The pendant comes with a disc of your choice and any name or words can be personalised on it. The back has a protective rubber gasket which can be personalised with pretty much anything, name, date, poem etc.

Blank Ready to Personalised Bar Pendant

This elegant silver bar pendant is the perfect gift for your grannies or even yourself! What a simple yet beautiful piece of jewellery that can be dressed up for an occasion or dressed down for a special night in.

Personalize this blank bar pendant with any word or number from 4-16 characters and have it made into a bar necklace. This bar necklace is both beautiful and meaningful, perfect for giving someone special like your grandpa or grandma as a reminder of your love and encouragement.

Dog Portrait Laser Engraved Disc Pendant

A personalized pendant with a photo of your granny’s pet will make the perfect special momentos gift. Your grannies and their pet will forever be together. Every time they wear it, they will think of special memories since their dog is always by their side.

Each disc is 3/4 inches with an antique silver finish. Photo imprints are created using break resistant lasers that will not fade for generations to come. An included 18 inch stainless steel chain is finished with a spring ring clasp and arrives in a deluxe gift box!

Portrait Engraved Disc Pendant

It could be a gift for your grandmother inspired by your favourite photo; a gift for your grandfather that celebrates his business achievements. Personalized jewellery. is a great gift for your grandparents, giving them a look at their youth and all they’ve accomplished. If you want to remember this time in your life, try our portrait disc pendant with a custom engraving of family photos.

Treble Clef Engraved Disc Pendant

Treble Clef Engraved Disc Pendant. This is the perfect gift if your granny is a lover of Music. No worries, your grandparents don’t have to be musicians. This disc pendant features a treble clef inside an oval-shaped cut-out. Perfect for anyone who loves music or just wants to smile!

This piece is made from solid sterling silver, and has been hand polished and filed for a smooth feel. Comes with an 18 inch sterling silver chain and a polishing cloth.

Galloping Horse Engraved Ring

A galloping horse engraved ring symbolizes fierceness. Your grandparents have been blessed with a lifetime of memorable moments — and you want to preserve them. If they are avid equestrians they will be thrilled with these custom engraved rings. Whether they dream of the desert, woods, or mountains their galloping horse ring is a one-of-a-kind gift they are sure to cherish.

This engraved ring features the magnificent stallion, Black Dancer. Genuine 14K white gold is accentuated by two dazzling 0.95 carat diamonds (colour J-K, clarity SI1) in this unique, authentic work of art.

Name Bar Pendant

There is no “best” or “most valuable” gift, but there is the perfect present. This stunning Name Bar Pendant is exactly that gift: personalized to reflect and celebrate your relationship with your grandparents, this customized pendant is an unforgettable way to express how you feel about them.

Put their name on it. Personalized Name Bar Pendant. Up to 7 characters including spaces. 14k Gold over sterling silver, 2mm wide and 30 inch chain.

Hibiscus Flower Engraved Pendant

Show your grandparents you care with this gorgeous, engraved hibiscus pendant. Engraved with a special message from you.

This beautiful pendant is the perfect gift for your grandparents. The pendant features a detailed image of a Hibiscus flower, and is crafted out of pure stainless steel with an antique bronze finish. No matter what they are celebrating, this personalized pendant makes a great gift.

Eiffel Tower Engraved Pendant

Purchasing your engraved Eiffel Tower pendant at this point tells your grandfather that you're thinking about him while he's on vacation. A gift for your grandfather who loves to travel, the Eiffel Tower charm will be a perfect addition to his jewellery box.

This stunning pendant comes with an elegant 18-inch chain and features the Eiffel Tower in engraved sterling silver. This is a perfect gift for grandparents!

Why Should You Present a Gift to Your Grandparents?

Traditionally, we see grandparents as people who shower us with gift all through our growing age. When we grow up, they continue showering love and gifts showing infinite grandsons and granddaughters. Of course, they are the kindest people ever but when it happens to us also, we feel good in returning the love and care to them.

Have you ever wondered whether bringing gifts for your grandparents on their birthday is appropriate? If this is your first time to be a part of a family celebration and you want to surprise your grandparents by presenting a gift, then you are welcomed to do so. You should just remember that the gift does not have to cost a fortune if it is from the heart and full of love. Here are some good reasons why you should present a gift to your grandparents this coming Grandparents Day:

Grandparents are loving

A gift to your grandparents must be a way of showing gratitude for all the love and sacrifices that they made for you. It also serves as an expression of gratitude for the many sacrifices they have made and continue making with you in mind.

A lot of times, this is the time when grandparents become less hands-on with chores in your family, making instances when you offer to help more special.

Gift them because they deserve it!

Anyone who had given you all the love and care when you were small deserves a gift upon your adulthood. At this age, they take care of you financially to enable you to raise them so give them a little treat for their effort.

Your grandparents deserved to be treated like royalty, and why not now? Now it's time to give gifts to them this year.

They will be happy

Grandparents are always welcome to receive gifts. What will make them happier is actually the little effort you put in giving a thoughtful present. Their delight will be seen and they will show it with smiles.

They are happy to see you! But something like a present may make them even happier. Who knows, giving them something like a bracelet from Otterly Yours Designs could be the one thing that will cheer them up for once, all while you get a discount on a wrist accessory.

What are the Favourite Times to Buy a Gift for Grandparents?

If you are wondering what is the best time to buy a gift for grandparents, there are certain times of year that may be more appropriate than others. Here’s a short list of ideal times of year:


Grandparents just love it when you give them gifts at Christmas. Grandparents often say the gifts they receive from their grandkids are the best Christmas presents. Give your grandma and grandpa something they will cherish for years to come just like a pendant from Otterly Yours.

New year day

You can traditionally present a gift on the occasion of Christmas. But, if you have an opportunity to meet with your grandparents and are too busy or there is some sort of inconvenience with it, then try to meet up on New Year's Day.

New year day is an auspicious day for celebrating new year, grandparents expect to receive a gift on this day.

Grandparents day

It’s only once a year that you have to buy that perfect gift for your grandparents. Gifts for Grandparents Day is that one special day when you can let your grandparents know how much you really appreciate them.

What makes Grandparents Day so special? While it may be tempting to want to spoil a grandparent with a gift every day of the year, an occasion like Grandparents Day provides the perfect opportunity to give a priceless and practical gift they’ll actually use, and genuinely enjoy.


Halloween is the perfect opportunity to give your grandparents some love with a Halloween gift. Not all gifts have to be candy corn and plastic pumpkins, either.

When it comes to choosing a gift for a grandparent, do as they do and think back. They will love the gift that you get them for Halloween, as it reminds them of their childhood. Personalised jewellery can be a great gift.


Gifts are meant to show just how much we care about the people in our lives. And birthday gifts are no different -- they're a fantastic way to let a loved one know that you're thinking about them and their special day.

On their birthdays (and other occasions), grandparents enjoy their family and friends coming over for a visit. A small gift that would be nice to accompany the visit might include some gourmet chocolates, pineapple salsa and a personalised pendant.

Why Buy Otterly Yours Jewelleries for Your Grandparents?

Otterly Yours Jewellries are the one-stop shop for high quality fine jewelleries. We design and distribute a wide range of original jewelleries such as rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

Just Otterly Yours! Our name stands for all that is creativity, “we are unique”. This is what we believe in and it is our mission to make products that are so different, unique and special.

There are over 100,000 jewellery brands out there - What makes this brand so different?

Premium Quality

The phrase "you get what you pay for" has a lot of truth to it. Fair pricing is not the same as overpriced! Otterly Yours Jewellries uses only the highest quality precious stones and metals, so you will know that your investment is top notch.

Every material we use is a perfect match, from untreated 925 sterling silver and ethical golds to our recycled and eco-friendly charms. We don’t believe in compromising quality for cost.

Personalised jewellery.

Your time is precious and so are the relationships in your life. So why not give the very best gift you can – a gift they'll wear every day? Something beautiful that connects them to you. Otterly Yours makes it easy; with personalised necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. And all at affordable prices.

We at Otterly Yours feel that what is said in your handwriting directly impacts how special that gift is. Unlike other items, with our personalized jewellery. all you have to do is handwrite a note on our product and it will be made into an original piece of jewellery.

What do you get a grandma who has everything?
If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a grandmother and she’s pretty easy to please, why not choose something that’s both meaningful and stylish? A custom-designed piece from Otterly Yours jewellery. is a great option. It can be something simple like a ring pendant necklace or something more complex like a custom designed ring with diamonds interspersed with other gems of their choice, such as rubies and sapphires. Either way, she will love it!
Do Grandparents love personalised jewellery.?
Yes! Well, clearly they do. Nobody else in the UK offers the kind of personalised jewellery that Otterly Yours do. Whether it’s a special birthday gift for Grandma or a piece that represents your family history, the team at Otterly Yours can help you find that special design.

Personalised jewellery. is a thoughtful gift that doesn’t have to be expensive. All Possibilities is your platform to create personalised jewellery pieces for you and your family, friends or business.